Friday, 25 June 2010


Day Six - Sunday 20 June 2010

I slept pretty well in a cabin (NCL refer to them as state rooms) that was more spacious than I thought it would have been. I don't think my room-mate slept so well, thanks to my snoring, which he had been warned about on several occasions - and not just by me!

We were now at anchor, just off Split, Croatia on a bright, warm and sunny morning. We breakfasted in the outdoor dining area at the aft end of deck twelve, where we had plenty of variety to make a breakfast to build any day on!

Transfer to Split was by tender from the starboard side of Gem, and what a choppy trip that was: not Unpleasant and less than ten minutes duration.Split was quite a mix of old and new, Diocletian's Palace dominating the facade at the thoroughfare some at the palace remains in use to this day for market traders and small shops.

The departing from Split offend some good photo opportunities along its coastline before me headed off on the journey to Corfu.

Dinner this evening was in the Grand Pacific Dining Room, a twenties/thirties styled restaurant with views out of the stern via large appropriately styled windows.Tonight's show, "Uber Rossi" was mildly funny although not really the mix of comedy and acrobatics suggested. Some of his humorous content was fairly amusing, but Rossi's acrobatic skills were less than "Uber", being pretty much limited to one armed hand-stands.Not that I'm suggesting could have done any better, but I don't promote myself as an acrobatics/comedy fusion act.

A stroll around the upper decks for some fresh air and a quick supper bite brought the day to an end as we cruised on to Corfu on a mildly choppy sea, with only a gentle roll reminding us we were aboard a ship. This became a little more noticeable as the night progressed but never reaching he dramatic stage!

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