Thursday, 10 June 2010

Not Long Now

Splashed out a huge £7 on a Straw Panama last night from Asda Govan. Still need something a bit more casual too though.

I did my online flight check-in tonight which made the trip all feel much more real.

Next task is to decide on what camera gear to take with me. At least one DSLR body and a couple of lenses, plus the usual bits and pieces of flash and filters and the like. No tripod, so might get mother to make me a bean-bag. I'll also have my little waterproof compact with me for snapshots. Also need a laptop to download cards to. I really hope there's more than one socket in the cabin for charging batteries etc.


  1. Looking good Brucie !
    Details of ship etc would be nice.
    Must admit I`m jealous !

  2. Dear Jealous,

    Look out for some shop details later.

  3. damn, i should have given you my underwater camera bag - could have got some cool stuff when you were away :( doh!