Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Lido de Jesolo

Well here we are. Night one in Italy. Travel was OK although we did have a delay of about an hour thanks to French air traffic controllers. Got a few good views from the flight including the English Channel, French Ports, Belgian and German countryside and the Austrian Alps. The final approach to Venice gave me first glimpse of the lagoon in which the city of Venice sits. Very strange to see buildings and roads sitting in amongst do much water

Just had a quiet evening in after a quick bite to eat. Tomorrow is either Venice or Lake Garda.

Some flight pics will appear here in due course.


  1. Hey I remembered to look at your Blog! Can't wait to see some pics of Venice. Jane

  2. Keep an eye out for Roger Moore in s Gondola !!!

  3. Certainly, you chose a great place to go on vacation. Congrats!