Friday, 11 June 2010

Friday Night

Well that's work over until the first of July. Finally got my Croatian Kanus from the PO today. They had to re-order them. I reckon someone must have given "mine" to someone else.

Also picked up my new specs today, including one pair of reactolites. Just need some sun now to see how dark they go. Mind you - too late now......

Phase one of the packing is complete too as is my selection of camera gear.

I feel pretty well prepared so far but I'm sure something will come along to cause a hassle!

Don't forget to keep dropping by: this is the exciting bit coming. And where are all those comments?


  1. Have a good time and watch out for the winter vomitting virus !!!

  2. Have a great time watch out for Pirates !

  3. Or even pirates with WVV......