Friday, 25 June 2010


Day Seven - Monday 21 June 2010

We berthed at Corfu at about 8:00am today and after breakfast ventured down the gang plank to explore, pausing to take a few shots of the ship, as we made our way to the dockside exit.

I'm well aware that cruise ships very often arrive at an industrial/commercial dock, in an area which may be less than attractive and being on foot, we saw that part of Corfu all too plainly as we walked towards the centre of Corfu town: very old cars; run-down buildings and a general feel of disrepair.Having said all that, there did appear to be some new building going on.

Just as we were nearing the town centre, the heavens opened and we had a down-pour that lasted a good twenty minutes. After sheltering in an alley way between shops for a bit, we ventured onward and came across the Corfu branch of Marks & Spencer, here Jamie finally found his "Holiday Hat"! With the rain still falling, we took refuge in a cafe before heading on to some much nicer and more traditional looking surroundings. We also came across some sort of civic or local government event, complee with brass band (wearing brass helmets) and plenty of the local constabulary.

A few more photos and back to the ship for lunch just as the sun was reaching that real middle of the day HOT.

Back on-board after the mandatory hand-wash and airport-style security check we took lunch in the Garden Cafe (indoor section) then had quiet afternoon enjoying the facilities Gem has to offer.

Dinner tonight was Mexican, complete with Margaritas ~ one small strawberry one complements of NCL then a standard sized raspberry one. Very nice. The show tonight was a tribute to seventies music and it was an OK mix of music and dance.The journey had been getting noticeably "rocky" as the evening passed and the dancers did well to heap their footing as the gentle roll of the ship became a bit more challenging making it difficut to walk in a straight line.

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